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Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill, Toronto

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process by which your teeth are treated by a dilute acid, which significantly brightens and lightens darkened or stained teeth up to 2-6 shades lighter. You can assume that teeth whitening can drastically change the look of your smile, making your teeth pearly white as you have always desired! Both of our locations provide teeth whitening services in both Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Teeth Whitening or bleaching is not indicated for those who do not need it, although it is a cosmetic dental treatment that anyone can undergo should they wish to (and who wouldnít!).

Teeth can get discolored for a variety of reasons. Some indications for those who may need teeth whitening are as follows:

  • Frequent intake of darkly staining foods and drinks i.e. red wine, tea or coffee
  • The wearing of teeth, when enamel is worn off and the darker yellow dentine begins to show beneath
  • Root canal treatment that has gone wrong, making the tooth appear gray or discolored
  • Fluorosis, where the teeth become brown and pitted due to high fluoride intake
  • Tetracycline staining, when anti-biotics were taken during an age when the permanent teeth were developing
  • Internal discoloration of a tooth or teeth due to trauma by impact, damaging the dental pulp within
  • Silver fillings which leave a grayish shade within enamel
  • The process of aging, when the inner dentine layer of teeth is thickened and outer enamel undergoes wear

You may consult your dentist as to whether teeth whitening is suitable for you, and walk out from the dental clinic with pearly white teeth in just an hour! There are three methods that can be used for bleaching teeth. The method that will work best for you depends on the scale of the bleaching, and on how badly they are stained.

Your dentist may suggest any of the following:

  • Applying a special bleach on your stained teeth and using heat (or heat and light) to start the bleaching action.
  • Wearing a custom-made mouthguard filled with a special bleach which is used for part of each day.
  • Brushing with a special toothpaste that contains bleach.

Bleaching should be done only under a dentist’s care. Tooth-bleaching under controlled dental office conditions may be safe and effective, but the new in-office vital tooth-bleaching techniques, particularly those using laser and lights, may return better results. Contact Noble Dentistry for Teeth Whitening Toronto and Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill.