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Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns

porcelaincrownsDental crowns can restore the look and function of your teeth. A crown is customized to the shape of the old tooth, as a result, this keeps your bite aligned and prevent your teeth from shifting, which can be painful and cause nerve damage in your teeth.

The dental crowns made today function like your natural teeth. Crown technology has improved tremendously over the years, and the older, less attractive crowns can be replaced with the latest more natural-looking versions. Crowns are a great option when faced with a tooth that has extensive damage, and fillings will not be able to keep the tooth strong enough to function well.

Dental Bridges

porcelainbridgeA dental bridge is a fantastic option for a way to replace multiple missing teeth. They also stop the teeth from drifting out of position, and as well as, looking and feeling good they act as a place holder. Dental bridges are custom-made to return the contours of the face and smile back to their natural look.

Some dental bridges are removable and easily cleaned by the user, and others are semi-permanent. Semi-permanent bridges are bonded to existing teeth and can only be removed by your dentist, which gives you the piece of mind that they will stay in place no-matter what you eat.

Any tooth that has undergone root canal treatment, trauma or significant wear may require the placement of a crown over it, in order to preserve its structure and prevent it from cracking or breaking entirely, under the load it has to bear during chewing.

Crowns are meant to be shaped and to replicate the exact appearance of your tooth. The same applies to dental bridges as well, only they are more than two or three crowns fused together in order to replace missing teeth while also preserving the structure of damaged or root canal treated teeth adjacent to the empty area of a lost tooth.

Crowns and bridges can be made from different materials, the most widely used and esthetic of which is all porcelain. The advantage of having all porcelain crowns is that they replicate the exact look of enamel and after having a porcelain crown cemented it is hardly discernible, making the tooth or teeth look completely natural.

Fabrication of a dental crown or bridge is done in a dental laboratory by dental technicians. The tooth or teeth in question need to be root canal treated. They are then filled permanently, and cut all around in order to fit a crown over them (which would otherwise lead to an overly bulky and unnatural looking crown, causing a major hindrance in your natural bite). Appropriate shade matching is done to allow a crown to be made that perfectly matches your existing natural teeth. An impression is taken by the dentist or assistant and the resultant cast or model of your teeth is then sent to the dental lab for fabrication of the crown or bridge. Meanwhile, a temporary crown is cemented in order to preserve the prepared tooth or teeth.

Your following dental visit will be for permanently cementing the porcelain crown and restoration of your bite your smile altogether!