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Sport Mouthguard

Doctor Presenting a Mouth GuardThe Academy of General Dentistry recommends the use of mouth-guards for all sportsmen and athletes. Be it ice skating, basketball, soft ball, soccer, football, wrestling, rugby, baseball or even skateboarding or bicycling, a mouthguard is always advised in order to save the teeth and face from any traumatic damage during a sports accident.

Your dentist can provide you with custom-made mouthguards that help to keep your teeth, gums, tongue and even your lips safe from excessive injury. The lips tend to be affected first, being forced into the teeth and suffering deep lacerations. The teeth themselves can chip, crack, break or even be knocked out entirely. Along with dental injury, the bone supporting the teeth can break as well. Jaw fractures too can arise due to sports injuries, so it is imperative that you visit your dentist and request for a sports mouthguard to be made for you, to keep your mouth safe from painful and traumatic incidences.

Sports mouthguards fabricated customarily for you by your dentist are the ideal form of oral protection during sports. They have ideal adaptation to your teeth as compared to the stock ñmade mouthguards available at sports stores, allowing them to remain in position even after impact. They possess retention, stability and provide much comfort during wearing as well. They donít interfere with speech as other bulky designs do and barely affect breathing. They can also be made thicker and thinner in critical areas that need more protection, such as the front teeth. They absorb the shock of impact and are soft upon the teeth and oral tissues, making them the ideal protective sportswear for any athlete.

Millions of teeth get knocked out in sports annually due to a lack of sufficient mouth guard protection. Sport†mouth guards†do more than protect your teeth, they prevent oral lacerations, jaw injury, tooth loss, and even reduce the amount of shock that is transferred from the jaw to the skull.

Sport mouth guards can save you the life-time treatment cost of $8,000 – $10,000 per tooth lost.

Come in to †Noble Dentistry, your†Donwsview Dental Office orRichmond Hill Dental Office and talk to a specialist regarding our custom fit sport mouth guards.