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Wisdom Teeth Removal Richmond Hill, Toronto

Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdomteethAs we grow into adults, our teeth have already erupted into their designated positions and the rate of jaw growth comes to a complete halt. The wisdom teeth tend to erupt into a space that has already been determined by the eruption of the existing teeth, causing them to erupt into abnormal positions or not erupt at all, remaining partially or even completely impacted beneath the gum and sometimes bone, this is why the wisdom tooth removal procedure is recommended.

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt hence are not left with much space to occupy when they do. Many people do have fully erupted, healthy and well positioned third molars, so it isnít always necessary to extract them. Even wisdom teeth that arenít ideally positioned but free of any infection can be left alone, not requiring extraction.

It is those wisdom teeth which erupt in an improper position, the adequate cleaning of which is either difficult or next to impossible, that are susceptible to caries, difficult to restore and need to be extracted. Those wisdom teeth which are free of caries but are partially impacted under the gum are also indicated for extraction, as food and other bacteria keep accumulating beneath the gum and cause its inflammation and infection, a condition known as pericoronitis. This may occur in episodes of exacerbation followed by periods of relief, only to recur. It is best to have such impacted wisdom teeth extracted as well. Both of our locations in Toronto and Richmond Hill provide patients with wisdom teeth removal in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Below are some general facts regarding wisdom teeth that you should know.

Things to know about your wisdom teeth:

  • Wisdom teeth generally don’t grow in properly.
  • It is never too late for wisdom tooth removal.
  • Men and women in their 50ís and 60ís have undergone the procedure without complications.
  • The sooner you get your wisdom teeth checked by your dental specialist the less problems can occur.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause some problems:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infection.
  • Wisdom teeth may also damage adjacent teeth.

Contact Noble Dentistry and set up an assessment with our dentists for Wisdom Teeth Removal in Toronto and Richmond Hill.