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Invisalign Invisible Braces

invisalignInvisalign Invisible Braces can be used from treating the most mild cases of crooked or protruding teeth, to much more serious dental problems which include overbite or underbite, gaps in your teeth, and can even be used for overcrowding. The clear aligners gently and gradually begin to move your teeth into the proper position – without using the traditional brackets and wires.

One of the biggest challenges of having braces is removing all the food that gets trapped between the brackets and wires. With the use of special brush this can be too time consuming and if your teeth are not properly cleaned this can often lead to plaque buildup and eventually tooth decay. With Invisalign, the aligners are removable, so it’s easy to continue brushing and flossing your teeth the way you normally do.

Invisalign is the new and highly advanced breakthrough in current orthodontics, allowing teeth to be aligned and straightened without the need for metal braces!

It involves using a series of custom-made transparent trays that fit precisely over each tooth, applying forces where needed and thus causing them to be shifted into their designated positions. The process takes almost as long as conventional orthodontic treatment with metal braces, but it has its advantages.

When undergoing Invisalign treatment, you can wear your invisible tray though out the day without anyone noticing and only take them out when brushing or eating food. That way, you can look great throughout the day, secretly align your teeth and also eat all your favorite food without worrying about the difficulty of cleaning it out of braces!

invisalign2Each Invisalign tray is custom-made and replaced every two or three weeks, and is fabricated into a straighter and more aligned version of the previous one every time, until all your teeth have moved into their desired positions.  At each visit, an impression is taken and a new set of trays is made upon your most recent model.

The added advantage is that you can even use your last tray as a retainer, since that’s necessary after every orthodontic treatment to prevent relapse of crowding or malalignment.

Invisalign can treat most cases of mild to moderate crowding, slight gaps or flaring of teeth and other minor esthetic issues. However, if your particular case requires the removal of a tooth or if a major bite problem exists, you may need to ask your dentist whether Invisalign alone will be sufficient to treat your uneven bite. Your dentist will best advise you as whether Invisalign is ideal for you.